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Cafe furniture

The Swedish coffee culture is unique and we at Nordica Design are well aware of that. We have a great variety of products with lots of variations for those who are looking for cafe furniture. You will find chairs, tables and modular sofas in a range of styles, from classic cafe furniture to modern, minimalist furniture

It is important that a café is attractively decorated so that customers are keen to return time after time. We had this idea in mind when we selected our catalogue. Here you will find modern cafe quality furnishings that create a cosy feeling and are both practical to use and comfortable to sit on. Our cafe chairs are made of durable materials including wood, plastic or metal and many have super-comfy cushions in fabric or leather. At Nordica Design, you will find furniture in a variety of colours specially designed to meet a host of different requirements, ranging from small garden cafés to larger modern indoor cafes. Cafe furniture should be durable and easy to lift so that it can be easily cleaned or moved around and stacked for storage – you will find all of these benefits in the furniture contained in our catalogue.

With us, at Nordica Design, you will find elegantly designed wooden chairs, colourful and beautifully designed plastic chairs and lightweight and durable metal chairs. Some models can be used both outdoors and indoors. Also, take a look at our modular couches in classic designs that evoke the genuine feel of the old, traditional UK cafés of the fifties. Our modular sofas are easy to arrange in an assortment of layouts to enable you to fit as many seats as possible into your available space. You can choose between modern or classic sofas modules. We have a wide range of materials and colours, making it easy to find sofas that suit your existing interior.

Our cafe tables come in various designs and sizes. Two valuable benefits they all have in common is that they are easy to clean, and made of durable materials. We have everything from small round tables that fit perfectly into small rooms or large; and sturdy furniture that works well in rooms which are designed to handle those larger group gatherings.

Nordica Design has a wide and varied range that suits all kinds of businesses. We have focused on providing high-quality products at a very competitive price. Explore our internet store and take a look at what we offer. Because your custom is important to us, we also pride ourselves in providing a fast and reliable delivery service. We want all our customers to be happy ones, so, you should contact our talented staff who can answer any questions you may have and will happily tend to all your furniture needs. We offer you service, quality, and competitive prices – and the ability to turn your cafe into the oasis that your clients are looking for.