Banquet Chairs

Party and Banquet Chairs

At Nordica Design, we provide you with a wide selection of chairs for assembly rooms and banquets. We have chairs with seats in different colour combinations and materials to make it easy for you to match them with the rest of your decor. By choosing a coloured chair, for example, in green, red, or blue, you can take the coloration of the remainder of the room in different directions, which then can be matched with flowers and table cloths. Make sure you take into account the colour of the floor or carpet, and of course, the wallpaper and curtains must be considered when you’re choosing chairs for an assembly room. All to make sure you get a uniform impression that doesn’t take over or is disturbing to the eye.banquet chairs

At a festive occasion such as a wedding, an important birthday, a baptism, or an anniversary of some kind, it’s quite common to serve a multi-course dinner. This means that the chairs you choose must not only match the rest of the decor in both colour and design but also be comfortable and inviting so that guests will happily sit for hours and eat and drink in the company of good friends. In our store, you’ll find everything from simpler, stylish versions to the wooden chairs with armrests covered in leather. Think about whether you want a style to use for a specific event that might be changed later, or whether you’d rather think long term and use a style that can suit several different events. Regardless of what style you choose for your venue; we guarantee you’ll be able to find it in our online store. We have years of experience in delivering furniture for both public venues and private businesses, and our goal is to provide only the best products – at the best prices. This has given us a significant number of satisfied customers through the years.

Through shopping in our online store, you’ll be able to compare different manufacturers, models, and prices to find the best choice of furniture for your needs, and you can do it from the comfort of your home. You can also have a look at our other categories to find suitable tables to match your chosen party or banquet chairs. Perhaps you’re also seeking to create a relaxing corner with our lounge sofas in your assembly room, or furnish the terrace with some of the patio furniture that we offer. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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