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Restaurant furniture

Here at Nordica Design you will find an extensive and varied range of restaurant furniture. We have many years of experience in supplying both the public and private sector. Our motto is, “Invest in Quality!” But we also offer our customers affordable products. We believe that a visit to a restaurant should be an experience rather than just a quick “hunger-buster.” The overall impression when your prospective guest is either looking through the window or walking in through the door is important; it will attract and create a feeling and atmosphere of what your guests can anticipate when it comes to food as well as service. That’s what we have in mind when we designed our furniture

The choice you make when it comes to furniture plays a significant role in creating a uniquely special and memorable atmosphere. The decor of your restaurant needs to tempt your customers inside to enjoy the environment as well as the food. Often they will stay that little bit longer if the environment is pleasant and convivial and this inevitably leads to rounding off the evening with dessert, coffee, and liqueurs.

We can offer everything from luxuriously upholstered pieces to more simple and contemporary furniture. What you choose is entirely based on personal taste, as well as what best suits your business in terms of both the food you offer and the appearance of your restaurant. Before ordering furniture for your restaurant consider carefully the range of options available, from the heavier, elegant furniture to the more modern, perhaps lighter style. Also, the fabrics and colour scheme on the existing walls, floors, and window coverings will also influence the choice of restaurant furniture.

When you buy furniture for a restaurant, it is not enough to simply locate a few chairs and tables. Your furniture should be functional and work for both your guests and staff. You can achieve a lovely cosy atmosphere with the help of our modular sofas and restaurant armchairs.

The placing of the restaurant furniture is an important detail that you should bear in mind. How many guests will you serve in the restaurant? How can you place the furniture so that it is easier for staff to move around while serving? Will guests have the privacy they want while you take maximum advantage of your available space? We record the dimensions of all our restaurant furniture to make it easier for you to plan your layout effectively.

You are very welcome to visit us here at Nordica Design, where you can relax while you peacefully and quietly choose from a wide selection of stylish and practical restaurant furniture that can suit any type of dining environment. Looking for tips and advice? Or, need answers to burning questions? Our staff will be happy to provide you with a first class service. We at Nordica Design are here for you and your needs.