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Lounge Furniture

We at Nordica Design offer an elegant and diverse range of lounge furniture. Here you will find lounge chairs, sofas, coffee tables and stools that can all be combined in various ways. We have flexible lounge furniture with contemporary solutions that make it easy to rearrange and change the character of the lounge space if you so wish. We know how important quality is. That is why we focused on sourcing our range of furniture from those manufacturers who value quality but still offer competitive prices.
The word ‘lounge’ refers to a special area where your visitors and guests can relax. There are lounges in bars and even in hotel foyers with comfortable and inviting furniture, usually sofas and armchairs.lounge furniture
Our range of armchairs, sofas, coffee tables, and stools offer stylish modern solutions for lounges in bars as well as in hotel foyers. Lounge furniture is widely used and often sustains heavy traffic. Therefore, it is important to invest in high-quality furniture that is also stylish yet comfortable. By investing in quality and thinking long term, you will find how readily your lounge area can be transformed with just a little attention to details such as new lighting, textiles, and tables. Depending on where and in what context your lounge furniture is used you can vary the decor with different tables and matching stools. Think about what you need – do you want to be able to serve substantial meals to guests or just a refreshing drink and a snack? The most important thing is that guests should feel welcome to sit down and relax, and enjoy your service.
We also have a number of stools in unique designs. Employing the stylish items of furniture can provide an exclusive touch to a bar area or foyer while creating a much larger seating capacity. Benches are also suitable for smaller spaces, where it is important to offer seating but where there is not enough space for armchairs.
We have extensive experience in providing lounge furniture for both public companies and smaller private spaces. Because we believe that the customer should experience high quality at favourable prices, we can boast many satisfied customers – you can read their testimonials under ‘References’. Take a look at our catalogue to find the right lounge furniture for your needs – we look forward to making you another one of our army of satisfied customers.