Welcome to Nordica Design – Scandinavian quality at the right price!

Since we established ourselves in 2016, we have delivered exceptional furniture solutions with a perfect mix of Scandinavian quality, competitive prices and fast and reliable service. We have also become a prominent player in the furniture industry, with a strong presence in Scandinavia, the Baltics, Great Britain and Italy.

Our team’s extensive experience in the HORECA industry and other public environments means that we understand its unique needs and can therefore manufacture furniture that meets all your requirements – functionality, durability and aesthetics.

Our many years of expertise in design are fundamental to everything we do. Our products are a seamless blend of elegant design and high-quality craftsmanship that guarantees excellence at the right price. Looking for a custom model? We have the expertise and resources required to realize your vision.

In order to give you the most competitive offers, we make it possible to buy furniture directly from the factory. This eliminates unnecessary intermediaries and costs and ensures that our products are quickly sent to where you want them, so you can smoothly and efficiently get on with your projects.

We stand behind our customers and we do not skimp on quality. In order for you to feel as safe as possible, every single purchase at Nordica Design comes with a three-year guarantee, which also includes public places.

Choose us as a partner you can trust when it comes to creating inspiring environments with furniture that combines style, durability and value. Contact us today to discuss what your project needs and let us help you realize your vision.